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Content Requirements

As a general rule, GetWorksMedia does not allow any advertisements which display, or imply a connection with, the following content:

• Adult-orientated content; pornography; sexual or sexually suggestive content where the male or female body is depicted in such a way that may be considered inappropriate for children;
• Alcohol; tobacco; illegal drugs;
• Gambling content;
• Online games; competitors in the online games sector such as casual or skilled gaming websites displaying free or paid-for games;
• Disreputable dating sites;
• Defamatory content; hate speech; profanity, including offensive or distasteful content;
• Unlawful activity, including piracy, crime and terrorism.
• Violence, including (but not limited to) assault, torture, abuse, rape, murder, self-mutilation, suicide or suffering of any kind;
• Weapons, including firearms;
• Diet and weight loss pills etc.

GetWorksMedia may at any time in its sole discretion refuse to display any advertisement on our domains and/or instruct you to remove immediately any advertisement on our domains.
For publishing and tracking campaigns for all our domains we use DoubleClick for Publishers.

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